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Registration Form IPV Symposium Weimar 2018

I will take part at IPV Symposium 2018.

The annual membership fee of IPV costs 58 €, the reduced fee for students, etc. is 28 €.

Confirmation: After submitting the form you will receive a copy to your email in order to see the input again. The confirmation of your valid registration to your email is only possible after the input of the whole fees, membership and competition, on the bank acccount of IPV.
The statute of IPV you can find on this website in German language ("Satzung der IPV").

Bank Account of IPV-Symposium Weimar 2018:
IPV e.V.
IBAN: DE14 4015 4530 0035 4239 12
Bank: Sparkasse Westmünsterland

Please mention your complete name, "Registration for IPV-Symposium 2018" and what your are paying for.